"Wonder Twin powers form of…"

My my, superheroes sure do look different these days. Edgy. Muscular. Busty. Yes, the latest episode of Justice League Unlimited (an updated version of the Superfriends on Cartoon Network) proved that Jessica Simpson isn’t the only cartoon character with an inflated bosom. JLU has ‘Vixen‘ this Halle Berry doppelganger sporting a rack that shouldn’t been seen by children.

If cleavage wasn’t enough, the subplot involved a love tryst between Vixen, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern, which included double entendres re: what he could do with his ring. Desperate Housewives Superheroes?

And we can officially put an end to the Aquaman jokes, you know, the “his superpower is he can talk to fish?” Not because Aquaman distinguished himself in this episode, but rather because I’ve found a replacement for scorn. The Vigilante [too obscure to even find a link 🙁 ].

He’s a cowboy who drives a scooter with a replica horsehead. Like some crazy Castro Halloween costume. And his weapons? Dual six shooters. But he did have the best line of the week in reference to his prior captivity at the hands of Hawkgirl’s race: “Filthy hawks. They put me in a cell. Did things to me.” Holy Midnight Express Batman.