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This volt’s for you

How many Googlers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None, if you use solar power. We just had our first Google Environmental Fair to help introduce employees to various sustainable practices, low impact living and natural products. This event kicks off an ongoing worldwide effort by Google to bring environmental best practices to our offices and employees. Companies are finding that “going green” isn’t just good for the earth but can lead to, say, superior design or healthier lifestyles.

Earlier this year Google further encouraged responsible energy technologies by offering a cash incentive to employees who decide to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle. The net result? I’m guessing that the Mountain View Googleplex has the highest concentration of Toyota Priuses in the Northern Hemisphere. As an added bonus to the environmental benefits, California hybrid owners can now drive in the carpool lane without needing additional passengers. Score! Of course with a parking lot full of similar-looking cars one must take steps to stand out. I’m thinking Twenty-Twos and flames.

Actually, the most appropriate car accessory might be one offered by another Environmental Fair participant, a Terrapass. Donations to this progressive organization are used to “eliminate the equivalent of your car’s carbon dioxide pollutions” through financing projects which reduce industrial emissions. So whether you’re driving a new fuel-efficient vehicle or a more traditional car, you can leave a smaller environmental footprint.

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  1. It was a cool post on a company like yours. I wrote about it on my Google blog: < HREF="" REL="nofollow"/>providing some links to stuff in Spanish related to sustainable practices at work and home.

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