Movies are Like Startups

“You don’t start making a movie unless you believe, deep down, that this movie could be something really fucking important,” he blurts out. “You can’t rationalize it otherwise. You’re running on pure ambition. So you make the movie, and you have these expectations. You want it to be, like, this Lawrence of Arabia–type thing, even if it’s some $3 love letter. So you’re shooting and you’re like, ‘Oh my God. This is actually going to be the best movie of all time.’ Then you watch the footage and you’re like, ‘Um, this is horrific. This is disgusting. I’m taking my name off this,’ ” he says. “And then you end up feeling somewhere in between.”

– Max Winkler (The Fonz’s son) on movie making

3 thoughts on “Movies are Like Startups


    cmd f “trillion”

    incentivization is the new monetization
    copyright litigation has reached it's growth limits (the music service as example)

    why there isn't dynamic overlays in youtube is beyond me, a groupon sized “scrutiny” team should be turning those that make them into microemployees.

    do you see what i'm getting at here?

    thanks for your time,

    Richard Altman

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