I’m Feeling Lucky: Leaving Google for New Adventures

Since folks have been speculating, yes, I recently left Google after 9+ years. It’s an amazing place and I’m grateful for every day I spent there. Here’s the email I shared w colleagues:

After nine years, two months it’s time for me to figure out how to make lunch for myself. Yup, I’m leaving Google and it’s my year-old daughter’s fault. You see, when I look at her I think about the values my wife and I want to instill. Among the most important is the belief that you should pursue all your dreams, think big, lean into your fears and keep building. The best way for me to teach this is by example, so I need to step away from Google’s comfort. No next adventure to announce yet – this is about feeling there’s more for me to do, but also knowing I need some space to figure it out.

Google has changed my life. The chance to work with so many smart and creative people – thank you for letting me learn from you. There’s no university in the world which could have supplied equal education. Because of my time at Google I truly look at the world in a different way, one of problems waiting to be solved rather than insurmountable obstacles or indelible truths.  I’m especially appreciative of Joan Braddi, Susan Wojcicki, Chad Hurley and Salar Kamangar – leaders who took me into their teams and, when it was time, encouraged me to find new challenges. Selfless, intelligent and loyal to Google.

While being inside of Google is special, passing through the membrane back into the outside world is also a unique time, one which affords me a few perspectives on being a Googler. Our best efforts come from desire to thrill our users, not from fear of competitors. Work hard and be uncompromising but treat one another with kindness. So many of our products have continued growth ahead and I’m especially excited to watch YouTube’s accelerating evolution towards the first global livingroom.

Here’s to truly hoping I have the chance to work again with all of you. If I can ever be of help, don’t hesitate to reach out via hunterwalk@gmail.com or mobile.

It’s probably only fitting that I leave you with a favorite video: http://youtu.be/DxwdskaRxcU