Announcing Homebrew Fund II


Single origin coffee beans from the top of the Himalayas, gathered by monkeys under full moons, in even-numbered months. Hand-ground in our office by a team of baristas who in addition to undergoing 100 hours of training over a four day period (don’t tell me that’s impossible! Just get it done!), were each the lead singer in a one hit wonder 90s band. Then a single cup of drip made with 203 degree purified water strained through a filter made of angel wings. Organic angel wings.

This was the office perk I wanted when we closed Homebrew Fund II but instead we just got back to work.

More details on Homebrew blog

6 thoughts on “Announcing Homebrew Fund II

  1. Hunter… you are funny! Congratulations!

    Sounds to me like you know Stephen Jenkins (who is a coffee fanatic and is/was the leader singer in a one hit wonder band of the 90’s.. Third Eye Blind… well, maybe more than song). Stephen is an old friend. Can it be you know him or are you just describing a hundred others like him in San Francisco? LOL

    I’ve been in the music business for 30 years as a producer and commercial studio owner. Not many of those one hit (or several hit) wonders I haven’t crossed paths with in the Bay Area. Coffee is a TOP priority and common bond.

    You and Mark Suster are my fav reads for VC blogs, by the way. Love you guys. Hopefully, someday we’ll meet.

    Enjoy your “home brew”!!!

    Cookie Marenco Blue Coast Music Group bio if interested…

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