“As a Senator, the first project I’d tackle would be immigration.” Me! in Conversation with Sar Haribhakti

I love doing quick Five Question Interviews to learn more about people in my community. Sar Haribhakti took it a bit further — I think he does closer to 15 questions 🤣 — but enjoyed being on the other side of the table for this Q&A (“Coffee brew, political takes, and shop talk with Hunter Walk of Homebrew”

How Does LinkedIn Manage News: Five Questions With Their Managing Editor Katie Carroll

The New York Times’ John Herrman recently asked “Is there anything the rest of the internet can learn from LinkedIn?,” in relation to how people there are relatively civil there compared to purely social media platforms. Well, I’ve had similar questions and to get some insight, reached out to Katie Carroll, LI’s Managing Editor for […]

“Did I intend to stay there for seven years? Hells no. But man, it’s a tough place to leave.” Five Questions on Startups, Newsletters & Life Post-Airbnb w Lenny Rachitsky

Our friendship began as many do – in a bar a few days after I’d been told that Lenny (a) just left airbnb and (b) was smart. Upon receiving the tip I clicked over to his Twitter profile where I saw that indeed he had left airbnb and that he was clearly super duper smart […]

Five Questions With YA Author Rebecca Hanover

My friend Rebecca is pretty awesome. She’s a writer and recently published her first YA novel – The Similars. I was curious about her writing process, role of social media in book promotion and consumer fandom, so thrilled Rebecca let me ask her Five Questions. Hunter Walk: Earlier this year your first book, The Similars, […]

“Journalism is built on a foundation of trust and truth. While I have friends who are also sources, those friends know I wear two hats” — Five Questions w Axios’ Kia Kokalitcheva

Kia Kokalitcheva is a San Francisco-based technology and business reporter at Axios. She covers tech, Silicon Valley, and venture capital. We’ve known each other for a while – she was previously at Fortune – and besides appreciating her work, Kia has always struck me as a no BS person who will tell you where she […]

“I’ll see in 2022 if I can turn The SF Minute into an actual business that’s somewhat sustainable”

Five Questions With Local Newsletter Author Nick Bastone I love me a good newsletter, especially one that lets us all keep up with local news in a succinct and actionable way. So when The SF Minute started, I was really excited and it’s been a fun collection of serious and not-so-serious SF stories, links and weekend events […]

“I try not to ride the emotional wave of startup life like I sometimes did before” and other lessons from a second time founder

Shepherd’s CEO Justin Levine answers Five Questions on how his $6.2m fundraise came about & why it didn’t include me (yet) I love working with great people and as a venture capitalist, am fortunate the number of founders I’m impressed by far exceeds our investment capacity. Here’s an example of a founder that I’ve known […]

Like Bourbon and Whiskey? A New Auction Site Is Making It Easy to Buy (Too Easy According to My Credit Card Statement!)

Five Questions With Unicorn Auctions Cofounder Cody Modeer My hobbies are largely consumptive: coffee and whiskey (the former to excess and the latter more modestly). Whiskey, specifically bourbon, scratches a bunch of itches for me: a love of American history, a community of people to share the enjoyment, and a deep rabbit hole of bottles […]