Will Seed Funds Be Multigenerational?

“There are now more seed funds whose names begin with the letter ‘F’ than there were seed funds [in total] when we started our firm!” A great line uttered at dinner last night by one of the senior GPs at one of the best early stage funds. Also, a partner who is transitioning into a […]

Gil Penchina’s Army: How AngelList’s Largest Syndicate Plans to Lead A Rounds, Hire An Associate & Keep VCs Honest

Gil Penchina doesn’t appear in TechCrunch or Valleywag often. He tweets infrequently. Maybe you haven’t heard of him until now. But he’s raised the largest syndicate on AngelList, turning himself effectively into a one-man fund for, if not the masses, at least the 270 people who have already committed nearly $3.4m for each investment he wants […]

Deals Homebrew Lost: 2014 Edition

Blake asked for a follow-up to my post on the two deals we lost in 2013. Thanks for bringing up such painful memories! 2014 was a great year for Homebrew (or at least I *think* it was – check back in 10 years and I’ll tell you definitively). Bunch of new companies (currently 17 core investments) […]

Three New Types of AngelList Syndicates I Hope to See

So far most of the top funded AngelList Syndicates look, well, not surprising. Capital has lined up behind social proof – angels with notable reach or track record. Additionally, funds such as Foundry Group and Google Ventures have taken their own approaches – the former creating a separate early stage entity, the latter encouraging their […]