AngelList Syndicates Will Also Pit Angel Against Angel

Jason Calacanis thinks AngelList Syndicates will hasten the death of the worst performing VCs by further commoditizing capital and giving super angels more $$ to put into deals. I’m a big fan of AngelList (#investor) and Syndicates are going to change things dramatically (previous posts). One aspect that hasn’t been discussed much is how they now […]

The 10x Angel. The 0x Angel.

10x, as in “10x Engineer,” is a well-trod expression used to suggest there are classes of people who are so much better than average that the results you get from them are an order of magnitude higher. There’s appropriate debate around whether the concept is true enough to turn into a hiring principle and if […]

Goodbye Party Round, Hello Piggy Round: Should Seed Stage Founders Raise From Just a Single Investor?

You weren’t supposed to be reading this blog post. It was easier to just discuss privately with other investors, but Jason Calacanis tweeted this morning about VCs trying to take entire seed rounds, and so, here it goes. Anecdotally, over the last 3-6 months we’re definitely seeing more examples of larger early stage or multistage […]

Never Been Easier to Become a VC. Never Been Harder to Stay One.

Recently attended the Upfront Summit, an LA-area tech event put on by Upfront Ventures, which also serves as their annual meeting for LPs to get updated on the fund’s performance. As we approach Homebrew’s one year anniversary we’ll do a smaller scale meeting with our investors in San Francisco. Part of our presentation will be portfolio financials, which, because […]

The Death of Social Proof

Social proof is dying as a startup differentiation heuristic during fundraising. Why? A) Blame Angellist for an Advisor Bubble Every company I see has some roster of advisors and/or soft-circled seed investors already committed. It’s gone from evidence of company traction to merely an execution step before hitting ‘publish’ on the Angellist profile. The prominence of […]