When in doubt: Vs.

Forget Spielberg, Cruise, DeNiro, the most powerful player in Hollywood is “Vs.” As in “Alien Vs. Predator,” (AVP) an expectedly bad movie that I just watched in ~12 minutes via TiVo fast forward.

My case for Vs.? Well AVP made $80 million US Domestic which speaks pretty well considering that both franchises were dormant for years.

The best part of Vs.? Basically you can throw it between just about any two marginal topics and folks go ga-ga. Do I need to remind you of Freddy Vs. Jason? The People Vs. Larry Flynt? Even good movies can leverage the power of Vs. – take Kramer Vs. Kramer for instance. You think that movie wins five Oscars if it’s just called “The Kramers Aren’t Getting Along?”