Alert? Yeah, right.

“I’ve received some alerts on your account,” was the message from the service rep at the financial institution where i keep some of my investments. “Call me back.”

I did not know this man but I followed his instructions, leaving a very nice message that it this was a marketing pitch, he needn’t get back in touch with me. But he did.

“Not marketing. I’m not trying to sell you something. I’m here to help. We’ve got ways for you to earn a greater return on your investments.”

“Well, don’t you think ‘alert’ is the wrong way to offer help? You’re intentionally trying to cause me to worry about the security of my account.”

“I can take you off our watch list. You won’t receive any help from us. I won’t be watching your account any more.”

With that I was freed from their manipulative outreach. But they lost some of my trust. And for this reason it’s likely they’re going to see more money of mine flowing out in coming years than flowing in.