Open letter to Bloglines

Dear Bloglines –

You make me so mad. I used to love you and hoped we would grow old together. But over the last year nothing about you has changed. Well, that’s not exactly true – you’ve becoming more temperamental and added a feature or two that have no value for me. And lately, boy, you’ve got some real database issues.

Bloglines, I’m not breaking up with you. But I’m putting you on notice.

One thought on “Open letter to Bloglines

  1. I certainly agree,that there hasnt been much change in the way the blogs function, well i have been a great fan of your blogs,like the off topic comments you post.I am currently working on designing or rather i should say modifying the existing functions of blog and adding more colors to it,I am currently in design phase and hope to see it Live (dont know when)anyway I work as Prod Mgr with Cisco,do i have a chance with you?ashish30@gmail.comthanks

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