MySpace meets the airlines

So i was thinking we need safety via transparency. Take MySpace (or some other global social network/reputation system) and use it to plot the “connectedness” score of, say, the booked passengers on a flight. The higher the score (inverse scoring where first degree is worth X pts, second degree is X-1, etc), the “safer” the flight is for you. When purchasing airfare, you can sort the flight options by total score (but you can’t see the individual passenger manifest unless people have opted-in to permit this visibility of their travel).

sure there’s a thousand problems with this, but perhaps the only way we find a safer world is by revealing more of ourselves. Kinda reminds me of the parable of the king who knows someone has been stealing from him, gets his 10 servants together and leads them to the dark tent w/ a truth-telling donkey. tells them they all need to pull the donkey tail and the donkey will only bray when the thief pulls the tail. As they exit the tent, nine servants have soot on their hands, one has clean hands. The king dirtied the donkey tail and knew that the only person who had anything to fear would be the one who wouldn’t pull the tail.

One thought on “MySpace meets the airlines

  1. Hunter — we are actually building something like this at Rapleaf. it will come out in externally next year … but we are doing some similar things internally now.

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