"Jewish Cabal" is a term of affection

The Judith Regan firing grows ugly with some charges of anti-semitic remarks she spoke on her way out. Her lawyer Burt Fields, lets us know the following [from NYTimes]:

And, Mr. Fields said, even if she had said “Jewish cabal,” that would not have been anti-Semitic. “I want to make it clear that had she said it, even that is not an anti-Semitic remark,” he said. “Had she said it, I wouldn’t be offended, as a Jew.”

Whew, thanks Burt – she didn’t say it, BUT if she did, it’s a-okay with you. It would be a shame if you were actually offended by someone suggesting there was a secret group of Jewish schemers pulling the strings. Especially since it’s likely the same Jewish cabal which was after Nixon!