Holiday notes: Evil Dead the Musical

Broadway? B’ah humbug. I don’t think the Tony awards has room for a singing demon slayer w/ a chainsaw for a right hand. That’s right, I saw Evil Dead the Musical where the first two rows are the “splatter zone.” Somewhat like a Gwar concert, the audience seated upfront gets doused with fake blood. I came away generally sure that every Broadway production would be better with a splatter zone – Lion King, Jersey Boys, Avenue Q (so we can answer the question ‘do puppets bleed?’).

Other notables differences between Evil Dead the Musical and most shows? The sign near the bar which said “Drinks ARE allowed in theater.” But it did come with a Playbill so it’s somewhat respectable I guess.

Verdict? Definitely some good campy fun — check it out if you’re a fan of the movie. Purists will note that it’s really Evil Dead 2 + some lines from Army of Darkness.

And it makes me really want to dress up as Ash for Halloween.