One thought on “Early Second Life Investor Preso

  1. Hey Hunter,

    I found the presentation at The Wall of History at Kirby (139,165,26). It’s embedded in the notecard given to you when you click on the 2nd sphere to the left, top row, which is titled “DEMO Conference”.

    The thing that’s most interesting to me is that you had a pretty good idea of where you were going five years ago. I’m wondering what LL’s plans are for the future, now that you released the viewer as open source and the server will soon follow…or be reverse engineered. I can see a number of different business scenarios.

    Corey & Philip publicly talk about how they couldn’t hire enough builders to create a vibrant world to compete with all the creativity out there. That’s one of the reasons why LL gave residents their IP, so creativity would flourish and attract residents. Well, with open sourcing the client, don’t you get into a similar issue? What then?

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