Pomelo on the rise

Increasingly attracted to people who are passionate and talented in areas far afield from my daily practices, it was with enthusiasm that we attended “Citrus Weekend” at the SF Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. The highlight was a talk by the owner of Twin Girls Farm, an organic supplier of oranges, grapefruits, pomelos and other treats. Nacho, the owner, related stories of growing from a 6 1/2 acre initial stake to now over 700 acres. It was truly a family affair – named after his daughters, staffed by generations of his family and tied to his agricultural heritage. We learned about the threat of frost and what crops were on the rise. Nacho participates in over 20 farmer’s markets because he loves to see people enjoying his fruit and the direct to consumer model allows for superior profits.

These educational weekends continue throughout the rest of the year at the Farmer’s Market and cover a variety of topics.