The Five Things meme, a little late

okay, i recently got tagged with this “five things you don’t know about someone” meme. I’ll play along but not pass along. Thanks though to Rahul for thinking of me.

1. I’m very competitive at Monopoly
2. My wife and I were both in the same class at Vassar but didn’t know one another
3. I’m related to Woody Allen [correction: per comments, i am related to George Burns. The Woody Allen connection is detailed below]
4. I’ve got a parrot tattoo on my ankle
5. My middle name is Everett

One thought on “The Five Things meme, a little late

  1. You are related to the late George Burns. The connection to Woody Allen is that his mother was Herb Hodes’ bookkeeper at the wholesale florist. She was known as Mrs. ‘K’ for Konigsberg and worried about Woody for not finishing college and how would he make a living.

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