Farewell Simply Audiobooks

Dumped my monthly Simply Audiobooks subscription this week. Multiple reasons:

1) Podcasts: In November got an iPod adapter installed in my car so now i can listen to my NPR podcasts with great clarity and no annoying FM interference.

2) Quality of public library: Although their selection isn’t quite as current, the San Francisco library system stocks a reasonable variety of audiobooks for borrowing.

3) Shipping delays: It felt like 10-14 days would routinely pass between when i sent in my last rental and when the new audiobook would arrive. Of course I could have mitigated this by upgrading to the “two out at a time” plan but didn’t want to spend the additional bucks. Obviously some delay is expected but this was more than tolerable, especially since the shipping center is in Las Vegas (relatively close).

What would i like to see? How about a “shipped back my last selection” button on their website where my next selection would be mailed to me while my previous one is already on its way back. I know this would lead to more inventory turn (and potentially the need for them to stock more copies of items), but seems like a possible solution for someone to at least model out.