MLB got $15 – they could have had more

Although I’ve mostly abandoned following professional sports, i still love baseball. It’s a great sports for multitasking because you can watch a game without devoting full attention. Being that I’m a Yankees fan (NY upbringing) there are many ways to keep track from a distance. Yesterday I subscribed to MLB’s $14.95 season pass for PC game audio. You can listen to any game in realtime selecting from either the home or away radio feeds.

MLB’s online efforts have been tremendously successful – in fact they’ve explored but so far rejected the notion of spinning off the group via IPO. Two things jumped out during my purchase:

1) Pricing. I would love to see their price sensitivity data – $14.95 feels really cheap – i know i would have paid at least 33% more and thrown down $20.

2) Video trial. They also off two really interesting video services, even with a five day trial in April. I likely would have trialed one of these and became a paying customer if not for one issue – the auto-conversion. If you don’t cancel your trial by the end of the five days you automatically become a subscriber. Note – consumers hate this mechanism. It’s not a trial – it’s a subscription with a five day cancellation period.

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