Second Life flurry

wow, a bunch of interesting Second Life stuff today:

  • Daniel Huebner, a customer support guys, speaks at Stanford’s Humanities Lab
    • Over 200 employees? Geez, I feel old
    • Daniel wrote our first police blotter (which i loved — we did a bunch of non-standard things – this was to publish a roster of those anonymous users that broke the ToS and what we did to them – inspired by my love of the Palo Alto Daily at grad school)
  • BusinessWeek did another online special on “The Coming Virtual Web” with a heavy focus on Second Life (and a cool slideshow on SL’s top earners)
  • BBC did an in-world newscast
  • AP story on the virtual gold rush
  • Coke is doing a cool in-world promotion
  • Joe Laszlo at Jupiter says Second Life will not remake CRM 😉