The continuing saga of GreenTea Girlie

The YouTube community is quick to call “fake” on any video that seems to depict an impossible act or duplicitous intent. Over the last few weeks one hotpoint has been the rise of “GreenTea Girlie,” a new contributor who, in the community’s mind, appears a little too cute and commercial.

The videos of GTG dancing, talking and vamping continue to stir up the comments (and grab viewers) while others debate her authenticity and wait for the big reveal.

Who knows – the lines on all this stuff is blurry. Is GreenTea Girlie a nursing student as she suggests on her website or a MBA student as she notes here? My opinion? I think there’s more than meets the eye but rather than some corporate campaign, think it might be a class project on viral marketing (or similar). Either way, I’m a subscriber to “her” channel and we’ll see what happens.