What’s the resale value of a "madman’s shed?"

You know those articles which show the incremental value of adding a third bathroom or redoing your kitchen? Sometimes it’s depicted as % of the actual cost you recover in the resale of your house.

We have this Italian patio portion of our backyard about 15′ x 15′ would be my guess. It’s a nice raised area, ringed by botanicals with hard sand floor. Makes a very comfortable place to put our wood table and chairs except we rarely eat outside so i kinda feel the space could be better used.

My dream would be to build a little structure – more like a yurt than a cabin so that i can get a breeze going. A day bed or hammock, a desk and chair, a mini-fridge, maybe a heat lamp, some wi-fi. I’d spend hours there listening to music, taking naps and attending to all the things in my Very Important Life(tm).

Seems though it would be a little too unique to really payoff in terms of home value. Unless we can find a madman who needs a shed to compose manifestos.

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