Today, I heart Eric Rice

Great post on Second Life by Eric Rice. His basic premise is that Second Life is disruptive to the gaming industry is a meaningful way.

Video game corps will get richer while you ‘don’t get’ Second Life

prime passages:

“Contrast this with the open-ended styling of Second Life, where there are car makers that can easily out-design and out-engineer cars that don’t even exist much better than the major automakers who have hired top design firms to bring their vehicles in world.”

“That’s why SL has been such a big deal to me– because it represents a disruption in The Way Things Work in a certain media space.”

“The people I’ve met in the 2-3 years I’ve been around SL are amazing and talented at levels I could only hope to be. They are able to make beautiful things in a not-so-beautiful environment. Some folks tackle that code and re-write their code everytime Linden Lab makes a change. Some folks do things in Photoshop or Maya or all these other apps I don’t have a chance at mastering (as an aside, the next version of SL has new technology that will make those with access to the 2000 USD version of Maya, be some of the most ominious forces in 3D world creation).”

Who cares? Do what you WANT not what you’re told. Do what your told, only if it suits you.”

We have choices in this world. We can be produced at, and told we have to consume. If that’s your thing, cool. But it’s not my thing.”