LinkedIn: treat me with some respect

The following admonishment, err helpful reminder, now appears on several of my LinkedIn screens. I previously wrote about my trouble with the LinkedIn invite systems labeling me a spammer. Back then I found their request to reply to them with a specific “yes i understand your ToS and won’t do it again” email to be a little patronizing. But now they’re really just pissing me off each time i log in with this reminder.

LinkedIn: I was one of your early power users. I knew one of your founders. I tell everyone that I like your service. And you continue to treat me like a puppy by sticking my nose in the poo to remind me to not crap on the rug again.

Since I’m not a LinkedIn Premium user i really don’t make you any money directly. But I do get several InMail messages from recruiters each week along with connection requests. Instead of replying maybe i should just tell them to look me up on Facebook?

Grrr, argh.