Second Life Choo-choo-Yahoo?

At TechCrunch40, Raph debuted Metaspace and one of the celebrity judges just yawned:

“Brad Garlinghouse [Yahoo VP] likes the peoples choice Kaltura, hates Metaplace, says that the train has already left the platform, we already have Second Life.”

Interesting – i’ve always wondered if Second Life might find a home at Yahoo in some capacity. Brad G is very bullish on SL. Bradley Horowitz has spoken of his fondness for Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale (Brad H only gets to do the <$50m acquisitions so i'm hoping SL would be out of his league 😉 )

But SL has said it’s not thinking about liquidity for investors until at least 2008

“When will there be a liquidity event? When do the investors and employees who are shareholders get some money back? There’s no timetable on that. Not this year. We’ll look at it again.” – LL Board Chairman Mitch Kapor in Davos, Jan 2007

One thought on “Second Life Choo-choo-Yahoo?

  1. I think we can all agree the most important thing to come out of that panel was MC Hammer’s endorsement of flowplay’s business model. 🙂

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