The weird story of

So there’s a large domain auction going on and apparently sold for $275k to someone from the Dallas Cowboys. Seems normal but then the guy withdrew his bid post-closing when he learned he was bidding $275 THOUSAND not just $275.

Of course, now the domain sold for $370k but how could the dallas cowboys not want that domain at a fairly reasonable price?

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  1. Because they don’t need to spend the money on the domain name to get found.If I search “cowboys” on google they’re already the dallas cowboys are already the number one result.

  2. of course, but gets at least dozens of direct navigation hits each day. Let’s say 100 for ease of math. And let’s say that the cowboys would pay .25 CPC for lead generation. So that’s $25/day ($9125/year) in lead generation from owning the domain.Even at those estimates, which might be low, you’re talking about a ~30 year return window while owning an asset that’s likely to hold its value if not appreciate.If i’m the dallas cowboys I want to own Their brand is strong enough globally that you want to make it as easy as possible to be discovered. Search is the primary part of the equation but direct navigation ain’t no joke either. It would allow them to brand around the very simple “” URL.

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