2 thoughts on “Hyperbole in Sports Headlines

  1. Yeah, one slightly different spot and he doesn’t have the record… Still better than ‘obliterates’ or ‘destroys’.An amazing game though considering he had over 250 of those yards after halftime and also had 9 receiving yards and 142 return yards!

  2. Watch it…Adrian “All Day” Peterson has proven he’s worth every penny he’s contracted for. True, ‘eclipsed’ may not have been the best word to use, but AD is a ROOKIE and Jamal Lewis was in his 4th year of NFL play when he set the record. Adrian’s earned me the most points in my Fantasy league, so he holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention, I’m a Sooner fan, so I’ve had a love affair with AD for 4 years now. Sad we lost him, but glad he’s moved on to prove how amazing of a RB he is.

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