Lame Link Post

Wow, been busy with YouTube and Caroline’s graduation thus no posts. Here’s a few interesting bits while i get back into swing of things:

  • Addictive Katy Perry song – I Kissed a Girl
  • N’Gai Croal scoops that Neil Young is leaving Electronic Arts. My friend Arcadia worked closely with Neal on Lord of the Rings. Neil was a rockstar at EA for a while – most recently was supposed to be leading Blueprint – EA’s secret new venture (facebook games, et al).
  • On other EA news, their Spore channel is rocking YouTube – 40k uploads from users. Awesome.
  • And on other YouTube news, we pushed out a bunch of small features this week but also launched our personalized homepage to 100% of logged-in users (it had previously been at a small percent beta for the last month or so). Personalized video recommendations, subscriptions, YouTube friend activity and more to come. Want to see it? Just go to YouTube and make sure you’re logged in.