Zombies in Colma

Alive in Necropolis,” a new book by my pal Doug Dorst comes out July 17th and already been building the proverbial buzz, including Amazon touting the release as a “book of the month.” “Alive” is a, uh, coming of age story set amongst the background of the undead in Colma, CA.

Check out this cut quote:

“It would be a shame if Doug Dorst is written of as one of the best debut novelists we’ve seen in years. He’s better than that. He’s one of the best novelists we’ve seen in years, writing well beyond the level we’ve learned to expect of ‘first novelists’ or ‘new voices.’ He has the control and daring possessed by only the greats of each generation. He writes with humor and wisdom that is rare, and an empathy for his characters that is warm and complex and unique.”
—Stephen Elliott, author of Happy Baby

Doug and I were roommates for a few years back 2001 – 2003. After finishing law school at Stanford, Doug decided that maybe being a lawyer wasn’t his gig and turned to creative writing, immediately getting accepted into the master’s program at Iowa and a number of other impressive accolades. More recently he was also a big Jeopardy winner in 2006 – appearing on the Tournament of Champions.