UNTITLED PALIN PROJECT in development at Disney

– In Development –

Scene 12

SARAH and family are seen packing the white Ford Explorer for the drive to Washington DC. SARAH wears a white parka with fur hood. She exudes confidence.

Guys, we need to get going. Inauguration ceremony is in three days and we’re going to need to drive all night.
(counts family members to make sure everyone is present)
Where’s Piper? Piper!

Sorry mom, NookNook and I have something for you

(undersized eskimo appears from offcamera cradling a seal)

I heard you and Dad talking about the Presidential Seal.

(seal barks and snorts in NookNook’s arms)

Aww, Piper.

(SARAH and PIPER hug)

Scene 47

SARAH is on White House lawn with KIM JONG-IL. Both have 2-3 aides standing behind them. Press corp assembles for photo opportunity to witness signing of nuclear deproliferation treaty.

I’m excited to share that through God’s will we are creating a safer world for our children and grandchildren.

JONG-IL starts to sign when he’s startled by a SEAL which has waddled across the white house lawn and goosed him in the crotch. NOOKNOOK comes out running after SEAL and pulls him away from the North Korean leader. Aides all look worried at each other. Press corps gasp. Everyone is tense.

(laughing and shaking head)
Oh, President Palin.

JONG-IL retuns to signing nuclear treaty. Aides exhale. Press corp starts snapping pictures. SEAL barks loudly from NOOKNOOK’s arms.

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  1. Fucking genius, man. Really. Both end on solid humor high point deliveries. Sharp. Sharp. Sharp. Cheers from Healdsburg, Tod Brilliant

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