Two Tube Stories: Obama, YouTube is the new Google?

On the Tube:

1) You can now download Obama videos from YouTube
Larry Lessig notes that Obama’s ChangeDotGov videos are now offered for download on YouTube. We’re excited to have gotten this live before such a historic week in American politics. Since I didn’t make the Inauguration trip, consider this feature my patriotic contribution – thanks to Maryrose and VJ!

2) YouTube Search Ascendant
Miguel Helft at the NYTimes writes on the trend for video search as the new starting point for users when they want info. I’m mentioned in the article – Miguel’s thesis rings true to me – increasingly when someone wants to experience breaking news, research a new car or learn how to caulk a tub they start with YouTube.

In talking with Miguel I also mentioned how this trend and the visceral nature of video could translate to more emotional connections between users and the information they consume. Video is the most immersive media type and as the web becomes more and more about moving images, we’re going to feel differently about the content we encounter. Seeing the lush vacation destination unfold in 30 seconds of video instead of trying to imagine “a sandy beach” supported by a photoshopped static image.