Thank Obama – for a larger CA jury pool

Here’s another unintended but positive byproduct of the Obama victory in November – you’re going to be called for jury duty less frequently. During my own jury duty stint last week the judge told us there has been such a large increase in California voter registration that citizens in most major CA cities will be called every ~18-24 mths instead of annually as the courts work their way through these new eligible jurors. This calculation might assume the new registrants respond to their summons at the same rate as the current pool but overall good news.

One thought on “Thank Obama – for a larger CA jury pool

  1. Great news, provided the new jurors are not the same type as those who seem to overwhelm the selection pools I’ve seen.<>Judge:<> Does anyone here feel that they do not have sufficient command of the English language so as to serve during this trial?<>Pool:<> 65% of hands go up.<>Judge:<> I just used the words “sufficient command,” and you seemed to understand that.<>Juror Candidate #12:<> No speaka much Engrish.<>Judge:<> Sigh.<>Me:<> Slaps forehead.

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