The Return of YouTube Release Notes

Released a bunch of cool new YouTube features including easy ability to share a video on Twitter and the return of the status bar during uploads. Accompanying this push was the return of release notes, or at least an expanded version of normal “here’s what’s new” that we post every so often.

Why am i blogging about our release notes? Well, because it’s part of something bigger that we’re attempting – to be more transparent. Since the acquisition, we’ve grown tremendously in size – both as a company and as a community. Although we’re obviously thrilled with the success, it has come with tradeoffs. Sometimes lose the connection to our community because we’ve got so much going on. We appear to be more “corporate” and blackbox.

How are we countering this? Well, we’ve gotten more interactive on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Also we’re trying to increase the amount of information and data we share on the blog. We also intend to do more open betas where the community can participate in our development process at an early stage. I’m pushing for even more radical transparency — giving raw data about our upload latency, etc when available. There will always be information we can’t share – sometimes for competitive reasons, or when it would be considered financial guidance or even because it has legal or privacy implications. But generally we’re going to try and do a better job of putting roadmaps, ideas, successes and failures out there.

To people running their own companies, i’d put the same challenge forth – if there’s not a really good reason to keep it a secret, just share it.

One thought on “The Return of YouTube Release Notes

  1. Do you really feel that YouTube is becoming more transparent? I feel like it’s moving the other way. The move to Popular being the default video page with its “secret” algorithm that decides what videos are there is SO FAR from being transparent.I understand that YouTube doesn’t want people gaming the system (though they were doing a phenomenal job of preventing that).. but this Popular default page that is full of videos with 2000 views (because 1000 of those views are from being embedded on a website) and lacking in videos with a hundred thousand views doesn’t make sense to me at all.It’s as if YouTube now penalizes channels that get their views strictly from YouTube.

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