If you don’t care, why should I?

If you want to be a great leader, it’s not enough to care on the inside, you need to show it. Broadcast it. Give off the enthusiasm any time you’re around other people.
Why? Because no one cares about your shit more than you do. So if you don’t seem to care, i’m certainly not going to either.
This doesn’t mean you need to be ridiculously high energy, over the top, elevator pitch every minute. Rather it comes down to being passionate. Being convincing. And yes, sometimes being loud.
And it DEFINITELY does not mean always focusing on yourself. Think of someone like Billshrink CEO Peter Pham. The guy reps his company gear every day. He’s always pumped about what they’re working on. But never brags. Always wants to talk about what Billshrink can do for you, not for him. And it’s authentic. And it works. Everyone comes away caring more about Billshrink than they did before.
Is that something you can say about your product? Your company? If not, step your game up.

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