4 thoughts on “Vintage Lady Gaga as NYU student ~2005

  1. That's kinda crazy; it's hard to reconcile that video with her current persona!

    Definitely agree that with so much video being shot these days, there will be a ton of material in a generation for a world of “before they were stars” videos. (Job opportunities for editors, perhaps?)

  2. I saw your comments in the NYTimes on improving YouTube and decided to write, hoping you might take some an unsolicited suggestion. Sorry to dump this on your personal blog.

    The article highlights attempts to offer better search results. That will certainly help. But perhaps you would consider another feature: allowing the user to block specific clips.

    My three year old son loves watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube. Based on this pattern, the list of suggested videos includes one showing Grover performing oral sex on Elmo. I wish YouTube would offer some means to block this. I'm not a tech person, but it can't be hard to do. Yes, I can steer my son away from it. But it always involves an argument, and the simple solution is to shut down YouTube and go to the PBS site and watch there.

    I'm not suggesting that YouTube ban these kinds of videos. I'm only asking that you allow individual users to block them. But by suggesting that oral sex videos are appropriate for the Sesame Street crowd, YouTube/Google is undoubtedly hurting its ability to attract watchers and advertisers.

    Perhaps you already offer this ability, and I didn't see it. But it seems like such a simple way to give users more choice in what they see.


    Albert Yu

  3. @albert –

    thank you for taking the time to share your experiences w/ me. It's certainly a goal of ours to create tools which will help you moderate your youtube experience to filter out potentially objectionable content.

    you don't happen to have the URL of the video in question, do you?

    Also, if you shoot me your email address to hunter at google dot com, i'll send you a note as we release features which will give you extra control over the content you can see on the site.

    thanks again!

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