Welcome Aardvark to Google!

Very excited about Google’s Aardvark acquisition. We bring on board a very smart team and Max’s excellent hair styles.

Questions i ask on Vark have a pretty high success rate. I find the questions they ask me to answer are often not very well targeted so i hope that’s an area for improvement.

Here are some of the recent questions that Vark solved for me where traditional search struggled:

  • how would i go about hiring a dungeon master in the San Francisco Bay Area for an old school Dungeons & Dragons play session?
  • what’s the best android app for tracking flight status (via flight# or departure/arrival airports)?
  • looking for the name of the essay which discusses why things like cat picture blogs are important because they train people to use technology which can then be leveraged later for more important uses such as political protest. I thought it might have been clay shirky but can’t find it. Thanks!
  • what rap song has the line that goes something like “crazy grants and a couple of jacksons?” can’t find it anywhere! [referring to $20s and $50s]
  • Anyone have positive or negative feedback on the iD Computer Camps at Stanford [ http://bit.ly/5s2orB] ? My 12 year old nephew wants to go.
  • what’s a soft, public running track in San Francisco i can use to ease my way back into distance running after several years of chilling because of bad knees?
  • what hex color is the Zagat cover?

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