Billionaire Giving Pledge: Making it Stick (will Fortune, Forbes, CNBC and the news media do their part?)

News broke this week about The Giving Pledge’s initial commitment from 40 billionaire’s to donate at least 50% of their wealth to philanthropy. An incredibly exciting endeavor to make “giving it away” part of the standard expectation for the most fortunate few (Fortune first featured the effort back in June).

So how to make this stick and spread? Well, what if we all promoted philanthropic commitments to a first order piece of information when reporting on the world’s wealthiest and most successful individuals?

Could the media agree to add an asterisk (or other symbolic attribution) to the name of every Giving Pledge donor when it appears in print? Margin or footer could note that “[named] committed to The Giving Pledge.” Each time we hear about a person it would be reinforced that they are substantially involved in improving the world. The absence of said attribution for the world’s richest people would speak volumes and provide social pressure.

Can we start this with just a few small steps – would Forbes add this to their list of The Richest People in America and The World’s Billionaires? Would Fortune note this on their CEO list?

What are other ways to honor and celebrate this movement on a daily basis?

[i don’t know how we’d handle those who wish to join anonymously since they would be perceived to be “non-joiners”]