Sprint Evo & Crapware: Blank is the new Black

Smart people have said that the consumer shouldn’t see your org structure in your product. Well, i don’t think they should see your business development team in it either. I’m amazed that Sprint has made it nearly impossible for the average consumer to uninstall the large amounts of crapware that come pre-loaded on their Evo device. Want to rid yourself of Sprint Nascar, Sprint Football, etc? If so, you need to edit at the root level! Seriously WTF? Also, in the Android App Store, there’s an additional tab labeled Sprint that just promotes apps they “like” (aka paid?). This replaces the helpful “downloads” tab which allows you to see and update the apps you’ve installed (it’s now hidden behind a menu).

I appreciate my nexus one because not is it just a good phone, but it came blank. Blank! OMG, the feeling of control. My iPad was nearly as good – i’ll give it a slight knock for helpfully offering me iBooks when i first fired up App Store.

Loading with crapware is bad. Making said crap uninstallable is really silly and offensive to high-end early adopter consumers.