YouTube: moving towards the VideoOS

The future of video is user-centric, IP-delivered content. That’s a fancy way of saying you’re going to be able to get the content you want on any device. For YouTube this means the transformation from being a “video website” to what i think about as the Video Operating System. The VideoOS will be about the ability for anyone to broadcast themselves to millions of worldwide users across laptops, tablets, phones and living rooms. The world has never had a single TV station available where anyone can access any piece of content. 

Getting to this exciting future is a product, technology and business challenge. Fortunately i’m amazed every day by the quality of my colleagues at YouTube working hard to figure this all out. Today i’m especially proud because we’ve brought on two excellent new business hires – Dean Gilbert as our Global Head of Content and Robert Kyncl as Global Head of TV and Film Entertainment. Dean has been at the forefront of the cable industry for many years. Robert was the guy at Netflix who negotiated and signed all their streaming deals. He’s the guy who is making the DVD obsolete. 

We’re continuing to grow quickly across all teams – here’s our job page. Personally i’m especially interested in product managers who want to help figure out the VideoOS future with me. My YouTube and TV&Film teams are growing so if you want to learn more, shoot me a note about why you’re so amped up about how media is changing.

7 thoughts on “YouTube: moving towards the VideoOS

  1. That's insanely exciting. The idea of an OS, as you called it, seems so foreign in the TV-dominated world we live in… but not so foreign that it couldn't happen very, very soon.
    I can think of no better company to bring about this platform than YouTube. Nobody is more perfectly situated to bring high quality content from proven video creators to the masses than you guys are.
    I may just apply… Who knows, stranger things have happened than a college guy being hired at his dream job.
    Great post as usual, Hunter.

  2. Hedaru – it's real but not some secret project (well some parts are secret 🙂 )

    basically my notion is the VideoOS of the future isn't just technology – it's distribution and creativity. In this case we supply the distribution and monetization – all of the YouTube community provides the content.

    Then the VideoOS is a reality.

  3. Hunter – Thanks for replied!
    I hope it'll fully open sourced (well, not all the parts 🙂 )

    I love when YouTube keeps innovating on a new thing, technology, and design. But the thing is, the main platform like OS that people can enjoy, get entertained, make a real connection and last, the community mustn't hate it 🙂

    Then the VideoOS is a cool thing.

  4. Yes, in combination with a forthcoming Google TV which is going to allow for convenient viewing of Youtube's content on a TV, it should be great. I'd like to see a future Youtube competing with Netflix.

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