Once Bitten, Twice Buy: I funded his band & his company via crowdsourcing

Earlier this week Groundcrew announced their funding on TechCrunch and provided some details on their community mobilization platform. I’m proud to be one of their investors after having connected with co-founders Joe and Chad on AngelList. Groundcrew was already getting traction when they started raising money but AngelList ended up connecting them with several folks who otherwise weren’t aware of the project. In fact, the round was pretty oversubscribed. How did i managed to get included? 

Well, i like to think it was my value-add knowledge, deep network and fact i work really hard to help these companies succeed but let’s tell the truth. It was probably because i’d funded Chad’s band on kickstarter a few week’s earlier. Amusingly it turned out that one of my coworkers is in a band with Chad and they were crowdsourcing funding for their next album. And i’d already donated to that cause. 
So turns out that within the same month, two different crowdsourcing efforts led me to fund projects i otherwise wouldn’t have heard about, both involving the same guy.
Brave. New. World.

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