Four Productivity Tools That Rock

Here are four of my favorite newish productivity tools for you. All free!

  • Unsubscribe: One click unsubscribing from any email list (or fwd message to mail@unsubscribe). You’ll wish you had a button like this for physical junk mail!
  • Rapportive: Browser plugin which adds amazing rich contact profile info right into Gmail. It tells you about the sender and also support one-click social actions for “follow on Twitter,” “connect on LinkedIn,” etc
  • Buffer: Schedule tweets and FB posts for specific times in the future. 
  • Job Change Notifier: Get email digests of friends who have changed their LinkedIn job summary. Not only helpful but hilarious to see people wordsmithing since it provides before/after comparison.

One thought on “Four Productivity Tools That Rock

  1. Those are all great tools – I didn't know Unsubscribe was that comprehensive, but will most certainly be taking a closer look.

    Also, as an alternative to Rapportive, I can recommend Xobni. I haven't fiddled enough with Rapportive to make a good comparison, but it does much of the same and performs well in my experience.


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