Foursquare: Future giftcard player?

Congrats to Foursquare for hitting 15 million members! You’re accumulating lots of data on where i frequent, here’s how to make that useful for gift giving.

1) My FourSquare friends can automatically purchase gift cards for me at the places i frequent most
// Let my friends see my total checkins and either purchase a gift card directly from that merchant or via one of the new custom gift card services.
2) Let anyone buy me a giftcard to my favorite restaurant/clothingstore/etc without revealing what the location is
// A little trickier but you can offer anyone the ability to buy me a gift at my favorite restaurant/clothingstore/etc (based on check-ins) without actually telling them what it is (so you still protect my data). I admit this one is a little weirder use case but i was thinking about how to keep check-in data private but still offer gift services.
Basically I think #1 is an easy good idea. #2 is possible but too complex.

Maybe the solution is for Foursquare to partner w Visa/Mastercard for a vanity pre-paid giftcard solution?

Any other ideas on how Foursquare check-in data can be used for better gift giving experiences?

Update 12/7: Foursquare Product Manager Noah Weiss responded on G+ and confirmed that Foursquare has indeed been discussing ideas around gifting features.

It’s a great idea Hunter, and something we’ve talked about a bit internally. I think the biggest issue is around redemption. Ideally we’d want the gifter to give a gift that can only be redeemed at defined location (or set of locations) by the giftee, but then we can’t use existing pre-paid gift gards like those from visa/mc. If we go with the later route, then there’s no easy way to restrict location.”

2 thoughts on “Foursquare: Future giftcard player?

  1. A related idea I had: automated reminders upon checkin:

    My idea was that it would be valuable to end users and also to merchants i.e. if you know somebody just arrived at your store looking for bread and milk then offer them a discount on peanut butter or something.

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