Go ahead, quit

The first time you tell me you want to quit your job or change your career because life is unfair, or it’s hard to get ahead, I might try to talk you out of it, help you get re-energized, see the cup as being half-full instead of half-empty. Every person is beautiful and unique – they have something to contribute.

The second time you tell me you want to quit, I’ll just say “please quit.” The world doesn’t need you to be an entrepreneur/engineer/doctor/lawyer/writer/etc. There are plenty of people who know that every day is a chance to make a difference. To build something that didn’t exist before. To help another person out a bit.

If you don’t want to be this type of person please do quit. You’re just creating noise and taking up space for those who want to create.

5 thoughts on “Go ahead, quit

  1. Jobs and careers are two-way streets. People need to feel recognized, rewarded and fulfilled. Not just feel like they are “taking up space” if they don't contribute enough to the company.

    It might be even something small enough like telling them they are doing a good job, or helping them create a plan to get them what they want out of their career.

    If they are coming to you and telling you that they want to quit, then they probably trust you above someone else and are asking for your help. If you value that person, you should help or do what you can.

    Co-workers are human beings, after all. Not just resources.

  2. hi jenna. of course — and i think i've displayed this w/ some of our mutual friends on multiple occasions 🙂

    my point is more that people either need to change (themselves, aspects of their situation, their expectations, etc) or realize what can't be changed. perpetual anguish, disappointment isn't good for the person or the team.

  3. I agree that people should find a way improve or get out of situations they're not happy with. However I disagree with “taking up space for those who want to create”. We're not in the old publishing/distribution world anymore. There's no quota limiting the number of people who can create things. If you're creating something you're not preventing someone else from creating too.

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