Day 2: #BlackoutSOPA now reaching 7.1 million followers

Wow, overnight we had our first two 1m+ Tweeters join #BlackoutSOPA: entertainment icon & entrepreneur @MCHammer & angel investor/raconteur @Sacca. With their help – and the 1800+ other #BlackoutSOPA members – we now reach 7.1 million Twitter users (yes there are some dupes in that count). Today’s goal is to keep the site up and tip it (a) global and (b) to the music/arts/video community.

Some new features on and scaling notes from the amazing @Grex who chugged through the night on this stuff:
  • Right out of the gate yesterday we hit > 30QPS — everyone hates SOPA even more than I realized 🙂
  • major speed revamp! now with load balancers, even more caching, and the whole kabang. (we had no clue/expectation that we were gonna get that much attention on day0. that poor single amazon box was getting beaten up until the evening when it was finally decommissioned…)
  • SOPA resources at bottom of page
  • added a rotating list of “and thanks also @…” which randomly pulls from the top30 most popular users of the service (by follower count)
  • add a follow button
If you can help in any way – especially getting this adopted by people outside the tech community – pls let me know in the comments.