Day 3: #BlackoutSOPA community now ~5k reaching ~12.8m followers

Whew, a fun Day 2 on Tuesday

1. Recruit these Tweeters!

  • Go back to
  • If you’re logged in, you can see a bunch of Twitter avatars for people we think should join #BlackoutSOPA
  • Use the Tweet buttons to tell them “The Internet & our freedoms are threatened. #BlackoutSOPA by changing your Twitter avatar:” [or create your own message]
  • Try it out and suggest who else should be on that list!

2. Hit peak of 40 QPS & site stayed up all day (thanks @grex!)

3. Press/bloggers started to take notice 

4. Other new features at

  • You can now see total followers reached by the #BlackoutSOPA community
  • We show top #BlackoutSOPA supporters (by # of Twitter followers) & give you easy ability to follow these folks