My New App: Drive n’ Text

So now there’s a phone attachment which allows you to block certain phone functions while driving such as texting. Sure that’s one approach but here’s the way I look at it. Let’s say you’ve got a fat guy and he just loves his In n’ Out burgers. I mean just loves them. You want him to lose some weight – what do you do? Stop him from eating the burgers, right? NO! You make the burgers healthier – remove the sauce and cheese. Make them slightly smaller. Don’t change behavior so much as reduce the risk profile of said behavior.

It’s with this philosophy in mind that I introduce my new mobile app: Drive n’ Text!!!!

What’s Drive n’ Text? It’s an app that assumes you’re driving a car while texting and thus takes steps to make sure you do so safely. Like enlarging the virtual keyboard by decreasing the text window display size. And knowing that you need to stop typing every once in a while to look up at the road, so we’ll prevent the iPhone screen from going dark because who wants to fumble for the home or power button. Or giving you a default set of emoji characters atop the qwerty line.

Not safe? Big liability risk? I’ll just note this is FOR PASSENGERS, definitely not advised for drivers. No, I would never imagine drivers using this, just passengers.

Opportunity knocks!