NBA Players Who Touch Each Other Win More Frequently

The Power of the Bro Hug in the NBA from a study on physical contact between players!

1. Players who touched their teammates more had higher “Win scores,” defined as “a performance measure that accounts for the positive impact a player has on his team’s success (rebounds, points, assists, blocks, steals) while also accounting for the amount of the team’s possessions that player uses (turnovers, shot attempts). “
2. Teams where players touched teammates more also enjoyed significantly superior team performance than those where players touch teammates less (the authors used a more complicated measure of team performance than win-loss record, it took into account multiple factors like scoring efficiency and assists, and other measures, which correlated .84 with the number of wins that season.
3. The authors present further analyses suggesting that the increased cooperation among teams where players engage in more “fist bumps, high fives, chest bumps, leaping shoulder bumps, chest punches, head slaps, head grabs, low fives, high tens, full hugs, half hugs, and team huddles” explain why touching is linked to individual and team performance.
-“Tactile Communication, Cooperation, and Performance: An Ethological Study of the NBA”