Chocolate Water? We all deserve diabetes.

The Metromint waters showed up in the Google microkitchens some time last year. Peppermint water, spearamint water – they’re quite delicious. No sugar, no sweeteners. Kind of just like a sprig of mint in your plain glass of water.

But alas, we now have the latest addition to the product line, chocolatemint water. Still, no sweeteners and according to the website, recommended by many Weight Watchers groups. Call me skeptical. Sure their version might not be bad for you but it trains your body to want sweetness, to associate the refreshing aspect of water with the pleasing flavor of chocolate. And what happens when you find yourself thirsty without access to your chocolatemint water? Well my guess is that regular water just won’t be tasty enough for you but, yum, a 500 calorie Starbucks frap will do the trick. The best path to health is to not need everything to be a sweetness fix but to ween yourself off of these crutches.