Don’t Just Watch: YouTube Works with, Causes &

“Awareness” is the most common answer I hear from nonprofits about their goals on YouTube. That’s great, but awareness is hard to measure and doesn’t pay the rent. One of our efforts has been to push harder on the metrics of success – do you want dollars donated? A petition signed? An email address submitted? All of these steps are about compressing the distance between the content and the call to action. Getting someone who is interested to take that next step.

Today we’re excited to share that YouTube is supporting the ability to link directly to, Causes and webpages from within your video. Instead of having to bury your link somewhere in the video’s description, you can now make it appear in the video player itself. Front and center.
I’ve written previously about the 3 Cs of a successful social media campaign: Content, Community and a Call to Action. This improvement is just one of several coming to help the YouTube community continue to change the world.