How Prismatic Hires

The jobs page for Prismatic (news personalization service that’s better than all the others I’ve seen) is making the rounds today. Here’s the part I especially love because it’s the future of the non-interview interview.

How we hire

1. Work: Send a link to your work on github or dribbble. Do you have examples of your work elsewhere? Then send us a link to some open source or your portfolio, or just send us the files. We’d also be delighted if you send us links to your work running in production. If you don’t have anything you consider to be exemplary of your work, we can setup a canned problem.
2. Talk: If your work looks thoughtfully crafted and skillfully executed, we’ll get to know each other on the phone or in person.
3. Pair: If you can come to San Francisco, we will work together for a day and talk about a lot of things. If you are remote, we will set up an interesting problem we can solve together – going back and forth like ping-pong.